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Release Blitz - Triple Puck Valentines (Be My Valentine Book 4) by Author: Debbie Hope


Title: Triple Puck Valentines 
(Be My Valentine Book 4)
Author: Debbie Hope
Hosted by: Book Nook Nuts

Our team of four is broken.

Or is it?

In the middle of the hockey season I have to go back to Texas on a family emergency. I planned on going alone, but Kat insists on going with. I can’t convince her to stay in Bay City. I will protect her at all cost.

For the first time our Triple Threat of the Bay City Brawlers will be separated. Abel and Jesse will have to work double duty.

But the Triple Threat will protect her from the threat that has haunted me my whole life and kept me away from my family. A threat of hatred for anyone that doesn’t feel the same way they do. We will stop them. No matter the cost.

This is the second book in the Triple Puck series of the Bay City Brawlers. You can get book 1 here for the start of their romance.

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