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#bookreview #fivestarread - Matchmaker at Melody Meadow Boxed Set Books 1-3: Author: Sierra Gamble @SierraGamble_SG


Book: Matchmaker at Melody Meadow Boxed Set Books 1-3:
Author: Sierra Gamble
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I have read all 3 of these stories separately and I am now leaving my review for the box set.

A Match for the Cowboy Dad
Jonas lost his wife a few years ago and is raising his son Eli alone with the help of the other cowboys and his friends. The only cowgirl on the farm is Olivia who has always had a knack for matchmaking so she decides to give it a go and her first victim is Jonas.
Jonas isn't sure about things like school, or even letting go a little of his son Eli so Olivia's hair-brained idea is to match him with the school teacher Abby who he has to admit has caught more than his eye. Will it be a go? or a Huge bust?

A Match for the Cowboy Billionaire
The second book in this series and yes they are all stand-alone but I'd still suggest you read them all to get to know all the characters.
Olivia is at it again. She wants all the cowboys she works with to be happy. She has set her mind on finding someone just right for Cowboy Levi.
Levi although a rich man, only ever wanted the simple life and his ranch. However, that changed when he lost his father. And although he thought he was doing a good job with the family business... it will take one bad apple to almost ruin it all.
And after one weird and very bad blind date he has had enough... It will take Olivia a lot to turn this cowboy's mind when she finds him the perfect date but will Levi want it?
I just love feel-good stories and that is what you get in this book.
I can not wait to see which cowboy falls next.

A Match for the Cowboy Soldier
Olivia is at it again with her matchmaking whiles...
And her victim is someone who is full of scars, inside and out.
Lydia loves doing yoga, it helps many in town until one day she gets let go from her job. Now what?
Lydia doesn't believe in giving up, and finds herself helping a man whose injury has kept him housebound now even more so since his son moved away.
Olivia's bright idea to bring Lydia and yoga to the farm doesn't really work however Seth takes the bait haha.
Seth and Lydia what a fantastic couple this was!

**I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book**

Sierra Gamble

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