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Release Blitz - Hazy with a Chance of Vampires by P. Mattern



A brand new title from P. Mattern just went live! 

"Look what the wind blew in...and they're ALL thirsty!"

Holloway Hills was a nice quiet place to live until the day of the big storm with hurricane winds that lasted three days and left a new population in its wake:

Sylvia Brandon never desired to be anything but a librarian from early childhood due to her lifelong love of books and reading.
Her position as Head Librarian for the only public library in the small town of Holloway Hills also allows her to research to her heart's content her favorite topic, the Occult. A member of a paranormal research team, along with her lifelong fascination for things that go bump in the night, witches, werewolves, and creatures of legend and lore.

She knows that some of them exist, even in modern times.
An unprecedented weather event is the catalyst for strange and macabre changes in some of the townspeople she has known her entire life. Even her Granny Faraday, a resident of the nursing home Pleasant Acres, looks different and acts funny.
Blood is thicker than water and seems to be the drink of choice for many new and beautiful residents in Holloway Hills.

…Leaving Sylvia a mystery to solve before the town turns upside down!

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