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#Series #Blitz - Menopausal Magic Series by Author P. Mattern


✬💙★ Series Blitz  ✬💙★

Menopausal Magic Series by Author P. Mattern

Book #1 - Menopausal Magic by P. Mattern

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Inherited Midlife magic gifts turn hot flashes into sassy sparkles for this modern matron.

Arabella “Abby” McDaniels tries her best to save her marriage, but her philandering husband doesn’t want saving from his latest mistress. With her twin sons leaving for college and her own retirement status in jeopardy, she thinks things couldn’t get much worse.

And then menopause hits, harder than she’d expected with hot flashes and cold night sweats adding to her sense of desperation and gloom.

And on the heels of THAT, a WORLD WIDE Pandemic kicks in!


She turns to the one person in her life that she feels closest to, but her Granny Lovell has a few revelations of her own, ones that will open up Abby’s world and give her some unimaginable, enchanting and potentially dangerous options!

Book #2

Menopausal Magic: Unnatural Enemies by P. Mattern

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"Nothing says lovin' like something from the Coven"

Just as Arabella “Abby” McDaniels gets used to her newfound magical skills bequeathed to her by her beloved Granny Lovell and the unexpected budding magical gifts that mysteriously pop up for her twin sons, her best friend Thandie gets married.

With the Pandemic still affecting their lives, the wedding is unusual but happy. Abby hopes her Vampire Necromancer Magic Instructor, Simeon, will make a good husband for her BFF.

Abby is still in the throes of Menopause, which affects her spell casting, sometimes ramping up the potency and sometimes causing hilarious results.

…But when Abby crosses paths with an Oath Breaker, envious of her powers, all HELL breaks loose!

Granny Lovell has just one more gift to bequeath to Abby for such a time as this.

Will it be enough to save her?

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