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#release #blitz - Loki by Rebekah R. Ganiere @VampWereZombie @GinaKincade

 Title: Loki
Author: Rebekah R. Ganiere
Hosted by: Book Nook Nuts

What happens when Loki falls for the one woman immune to his charms?

Val has spent the last hundred years doing two things, protecting Princess Sutrelle of Muspelheim from her father, and hating the Norse Gods who forced her and her Valkyrie sisters to fight in Ragnarök.

When she meets the God of Mischief at a Speed Dating event, the last thing she intends to do is fall for the man-whore, woman-using, Trickster God. But getting away from Loki isn’t as easy as she had hoped because despite him being irritating, vain, and stubborn, he’s also kind, understanding, and hotter than Hell itself.

Val has a decision to make—let go of the past and embrace what could be a fantastic future with a sexy, rich playboy God, or settle for someone that the Fates didn’t have in mind for her and save her heart from the possibility of the heartbreak of a lifetime.

Loki is book seventeen in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with angst, revenge, arrogant trickster Gods, strong-willed warrior women, and more.


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