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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Jersey Sure Shifters (FUC Academy Anthology Book 1) Author: C.D. Gorri

 Book: Jersey Sure Shifters (FUC Academy Anthology Book 1)
Author: C.D. Gorri
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I have read each of these books separately and I am now putting that review here.
If you love a good paranormal, with tons of laughter and fated mates this is for you!

Chinchilla and the Devil

Tony needs help with finding a shifter's DNA, and when he runs into Sofia he has the perfect person to help. When his devil sniffs however he knows she is the perfect person. Now to just make her see that.
Sofia has never broken the rules at her job, so why would she now?
Oh yeah, a certain sexy devil has imprinted on her very soul.
However, their first task seems to be the FUC Agents who are knocking down the door.

Sammi and the Jersey Bull

Absolutely hilarious!!
These two are non-stop hilarious. Sammi is thrown literally into the job after barely graduating F.U.C.N.A and now on top of all that her mate thinks she is a criminal? Seriously? Like OMG can my day get any worse? Well for Sammi and Sergio it gets much worse before it finally gets better.
A laugh-a-minute, feel-good story! This is a PNR romcom with an emphasis on the com!

Mouse and the Ball

We met Julietta in a previous story and she is one very strong-willed mouse ... errr woman.
Her brother may be a devil but he taught his sisters all they know.
She is tired of being coddled, and protected when she is capable of taking care of herself but can she protect her heart?

Damon wants to take care of her, he knows what Julietta is to him... However, she isn't having his help or him... What to do?
Well follow her of course and hope she sees reason before it's too late.
I love these FUCNA stories by this author. They are always Funny, Sexy, and oh-so-good.
Will this snake get his mouse? hehe

C.D. Gorri

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