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✬💙★ Book Blitz ✬💙★ Blood Hunt: Banshees Lament by Vendla Brandle


✬💙★ Book Blitz ✬💙★
A brand new title from Vendla Bramble just went live!

Purchase: Blood Hunt: Banshees Lament: Book 7

It is the year 2111 and 1st Lieutenant Kele-De (Kai) McMahon of the FAC (Free America Civil Militia) is called in by the FAM (Free America Military) to help solve the mystery of why a high-security, top-secret, bunker has fallen silent.

Civilian hunters and the best recon Air Force Squadron can't get close without eerie noises causing them physical harm. Heeding the summons, Kai brings in a legendary FAC platoon known to relish a good fight.

Will a Millennium Blood Hunter, and her platoon, solve the mystery? Where did everyone go? Why is the bunker silent? And what is that painful wailing noise?

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