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Meet Author T.M. Payne


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About the Author

T.M. Payne is a mom and a grandmom.

She was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and has never lived too far from the area.

She has always enjoyed reading from an early age and began her journey into book blogging four years ago, and has never looked back. Reading is her relaxation, and she loves helping others find a good book. Lending a hand with promotions is just another bonus, and she is always happy to help authors.

She never aspired to be an author herself but felt strongly enough about certain things in life that she decided to write a short story featuring her love of the paranormal, along with a great issue facing our world. She truly believes every single breathing person should be able to live their life with whom they want, how they want, and not be bullied because of their choices in life.

Hence: Secrets...

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