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Book Nook Nuts Proofreading Information and Pricing 

Tammy offers professional proofreading at an affordable rate.
I have been proofreading for authors since 2014.

As an author, your book is your baby. Why take the risk of it having grammar issues or typos? 

Editors oftentimes can miss things, and Beta Readers are not always forthcoming with issues they see. 

Did you know a proofreader can find those missing words or typos? 
And it's important to make sure you publish the very best book you can. 

Proofreading is the final step in the editing process, focusing on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and missing words is what I do. 
I will not edit your work, I will, however, make suggestions if something doesn't sound right. 

I have references as well. 
Take a look at my page and the information.
I think it's worth that final process. Do You?

A proofread from me includes:

Correction of typos
Addition/deletion of missing/repeat words
Grammar, and spelling check

I should be your last stop after editing. I do not however do editing.

Minimum charge: $20.00

Proofreading Pricing if already edited. 
$1.00 per every 1,000 words

$1.50 per every 1, 000 words


Up to 20k ~ $20
30k ~ $30
40k ~ $40
50k ~ $50
60k ~ $60
70k ~ $70
80k ~ $80
90k ~ $90
100k ~ $100
110k ~ $110

Turn Around: I typically can handle up to 40k within 2-3 days however that all depends on when I receive the book. Please let me know during contact when you need your manuscript back by and I will try to help you. 

Faster Turnaround & Last Minute is $2.00 per every 1,000 words if edited already!!

I am not a Content Editor or a Developmental Editor...

Payment Methods:
(Preferred) PayPal
Due upon invoice

I use Track Changes
I prefer that your manuscript be in Word 
I have found that Microsoft Online and Google Docs eat letters 
so I will not use those to proofread. 

No one is 100%, and I do not claim to be.

I will happily promote any book/books I proofread or edit. 
I simply ask that 
the author provides me with the book links and link information.

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