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Testimonials from 2014 - 2023
Some of what the Authors are saying! 

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Great help! Thorough and affordable! Saving me from pushing horrible mistakes on to readers! ~ Author Michelle Fox

Tammy is extremely thorough, swift, and affordable. You cannot go wrong by hiring her! Highly recommended! I've hired a lot of proofreaders in the past, and Tammy is now my go-to proofreader.
~ Author Nicole Zoltack

Just got Dragon Under Fire back faster than expected! Tammy found all the pesky problems and made some great suggestions. It was a wonderful experience.
~ Author Crystal Dawn

Tammy is always a gem at finding those pesky little things that always slip by.
~ Author Melanie James

Tammy did a wonderful job proofreading my manuscript. I hadn't realized I'd skipped so many words. I look forward to working with her again.
~ Author Beth Caudill

I highly recommend Book Nook Nuts and not just because of the cool name. As a new author I'm still learning the ropes in the publishing world. When I realized I needed to have my book proofed one more time before my publishing deadline, less than a week away, Tammy swooped in and saved me. She was amazing, patient and understanding once I explained my dilemma. When I received my story back I could see right away that she was very thorough. I was impressed that she found errors that hadn't been previously caught by various rounds of editing. Tammy is quick, easy to work with, and very affordable. Thank you Book Nook Nuts for your help!
 ~ Author Stephanie Harrell

If you've got a book coming out and you're not AT LEAST considering using Book Nook Nuts for your proofreading, you're bonkers! She's affordable, fast, meticulous, and a joy to work with. Even if you've gone over your manuscript a thousand times, and even if you've already had it proofread, do yourself a favor and send your work to Tammy. Truly "a book's best friend" as advertised!
~ Author Megan Fuentes

Tammy is amazing! She is so thorough and a delight to work with. Efficient and quick, too. I had two other proofreaders go over the story, but Tammy still found errors! I highly recommend her and will use her for all of my stories. Trust me. You want to use Tammy! ~ Author Nala Kingsley

Tammy is INCREDIBLE at proofreading. She catches things Google docs and Grammerly doesn't even catch. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and her quick turnaround is a life saver. I couldn't publish the level of quality of books I do without her!! ~ Author Erica Reader

Books Nook Nuts is fast and does an excellent job of catching all this hard to miss typos and missed words. I highly recommend Book Nook Nuts proofreading services. They are top-notch! ~ Author Aria Bliss

Tammy is the best! Affordable, fast and so easy to talk to! I cannot stress enough how happy I am to have found this gem of a person!
~ Author Alie Summers

Tammy is a fantastic proofreader. She was super helpful, quick, and affordable. I will absolutely be using her services again.
~ Author Margot Swan

Tammy is great! She is affordable, thorough, and offers a quick turnaround. 
5 Stars for sure! I highly recommend her and 
I look forward to working with her again. ~ Author Lia Davis

Tammy has an eagle eye for those pesky things that others miss. I have used her several times and hoping she will continue to proofread for my future books. Thank you, Tammy, I appreciate you very much.
 ~ A K Michaels, New York Times Bestselling Author.

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