Review - After the Storm by Claudy Conn

Book: After the Storm
Author: Claudy Conn
Publication Date: 2/4/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne
My Rating: 5 Stars 


This is a very well written Historical Romance Novel. I fell in love with the characters. 

We have Lady Jennifer Ashley who is a robust, cheerful young lady who unfortunately loses her best friend/ and love of her life, and FiancĂ© Johnny. Or so she thinks he was the love of her life. Johnny’s life is taken while in battle at Waterloo. His best friend Mac has come to tell the horrible news to Jennifer and she goes into mourning for just about a year. No matter what her family which consists of her Aunt Beth and Father Sir Ashley or what her best friend Lavvy says Jennifer hasn’t been able to move on. While out walking and enjoying the tree that she and Johnny had carved their names upon she is rattled when a horse and rider about run her over. The man riding the horse comes to her aid and plants a kiss upon her lips. Well I never she thought!! Much later at a gathering she finds out the Man who kissed her is Jason The Earl of Danfield. She knows his reputation and has learned that the Earl must get married and she hears that he has come to ask for the hand of Lavvy. After visiting with the Lavina’s father however Jason decides to himself that he must have Jennifer of Ashley for his bride. He goes to her father and asks permission to speak with Jenny. After being truthful with her she accepts his marriage proposal and they are married within a short time. Jennifer goes off with her new husband to his castle. Their marriage was to be one of convenience nothing more but Jenny soon discovers she has come to truly love Jason. However there is something really wrong going on at the castle . Someone is obviously wanting to harm Jason and Jennifer. Mac rescues Jennifer from a most terrifying fate. Mac vows to get to the bottom of this as does Jason and his younger brother. The story takes us through Jealousy of old lovers, evilness of a stepmother. 

Can Jennifer and Jason finally have happiness? 
What will become of Mac? 

I cant tell you anymore as I don’t want to spoil anything but let me say This was a truly fantastic book !! AND the shocker near the End WOW!!! Blow you away !!! 

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