Review - Born In Blood by Alexandra Ivy

Book: Born in Blood
Author: Alexandra Ivy
Publication Date: 12/31/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne 
My Rating: 5 Stars 

Vahalla home of the freaks.. The Sentinels Elite Guards and/or Warriors who protect the Freaks.
The death of a young woman by the name of Leah Meadows brings in Sergeant Duncan O’Connor a normal < Or is he? > who doesn’t mind dealing with the Freaks. Enter freak Necromancer Callie Brown whom Duncan would love to get into bed. Callie has to go into the mind of the dead body and try to find out what caused her death. While in Leah Meadows mind Callie comes face to face sort of with the killer. She knows he is a Freak , A Necro but something more also . It has her frightened and her guard Fane is there beside her giving comfort and also wanting to tear apart anything or anyone who causes fear or harm to Callie. 
Fane and Duncan come to blows < exhaling tons of Male Dominance> as Fane has something more for Callie than just her guardian and Duncan is determined she is who he wants to bed. Duncan is then taken to Vahalla so that Callie can be healed and also they need to find answers as to what this Freak may be and why they are ripping hearts out . 
Now the body of Leah Meadows has gone missing from the morgue. Will they find out who has taken her and why? Well they figure out who is responsible and now that person has Callie. Will they be able to rescue her in time? And Callie learns something very shocking while being held captive. Can Fane and Duncan work together to save Callie and the rest of the Freaks? The book leaves us wanting so much more of Fane and hopefully it will play into the next book  Fantastic ***** I totally loved this book and cant wait to read more in this series …

Review copy provided by: ARC from Kensington Books and Netgalley

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