Review - 5 Stars - Fit to Be Tied by Leah J. Michaels

Book: Fit to be Tied
Author: Leah J. Michaels
Publication Date: 10/30/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne
My Rating: 5 Stars 

In this story we have Mikhail Azarov he was in the first book  He has been undercover for 5 years and finally the case has broken but he has to stay at a safe house . He decides he would much rather be at the Mansion . What is the Mansion you ask? The Mansion is a BDSM Hotel and a Reg.Hotel of sorts . Mikhail has had to live with the horror that everyone saw him as a horrible man who was rumored to have beaten women. What he wanted most in life was to find a wife and have some kids and a family. At the moment though the woman of his thoughts was Abigail Mallory she works at The Mansion. Abigail also has a very big attraction and vivid thoughts about Mikhail. Unlike many she doesn’t see him as any of those bad things. However she does think him a jerk for being so verbally abusive to her staff and means to put him in his place. When Steven Edwards and his girlfriend Karen call him into the office he knows why. Its because he has been a bully and he knows it has to stop . He had planned to apologize but hadn’t had the chance. When he enters there is Abigail and at that moment something snaps and his lips find hers. He knows he is being setup by Karen and Steven they are playing matchmakers. 
Mikhail is what is known as a Dom and he wants nothing more than to tie up Abigail and show her more pleasure than she has ever known. He has missed this. He is attracted to Abigail for many reasons but the biggest is He knows she doesn’t do one night stands. After their first encounter he slips a blue rope around her wrist and asks that she wear it and every time she looks at it to think of him. She is HIS !!!
But what happens when someone from Mikhail’s past enters the picture? Will he lose Abigail?

I really like that the Author brings in characters from the previous book to me that’s a big plus. Mikhail is just a sweetheart as Abigail will find out. Will he also win her heart? Can he finally have the family he has always wanted?

If you love HOT / Sensual and a little bit of Action . This is the book for you !! 
Oh and add in James and you have some comedy ! The only thing I wanted from this book was MORE !!!

Review copy provided by: ARC provided by Author for my honest review

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