Review - 5 Stars - Noelle's Wish by Nicole Garcia

Book: Noelle’s Wish
Author: Nicole Garcia
Publication Date: 12/15/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne
My Rating: 5 Stars 


Enter Noelle Andrews a young girl who has been in the foster care system who had fantastic elderly foster parents until they were to sick to care for her at the age of 7. She was then put into another foster care family where she was horribly abused by the foster father. By the grace of god Noelle gets through it and gets herself through school to then find a fantastic job and her best friend through-out college Eve has also gotten a job with her they are both interns. 
Eve talks Noelle into attending an Office Christmas Party held by the Parker Industries. Eve thinks this is a great way for Noelle to find a man. Noelle however is not like Eve she wants to find forever love. 
While searching for the restroom in this large mansion Noelle finds the library instead and is in Awe at all the beautiful books.She picks up one and her eyes just light up. All the while a man is staring at her . Enter Roman Parker , Noelle at first doesn't know who this sexy man is until later when Eve tells her. 
Roman is determined to go out with Noelle so he asks and when she says no he fires her. 
He is so intrigued with Noelle and has to find a way to get her to go out with him . 
Finally Noelle agrees and from that moment on she never looks back. 
Can Roman finally help Noelle to move past her past?
Can Roman and Noelle find their happily ever after?

Well pickup your copy and find out !!

This was a very well written story, The author wrote with one thing in mind .. HOLDING your attention to the book. It’s a beautiful rags to riches type story. A true love story. 
Fantastic Indeed !

Review copy provided by: Arc provided by Author for my honest review 

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