Review - 5 Stars - Pleasures of the Soul by Natalie Hancock

Book: Pleasures of the Soul (Soul Bite 1)
Author: Natalie Hancock
Publication Date: 12/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne
My Rating: 5 Stars

In this story we have Aaliyah and Rachel 2 young girls who are out on the town and visit a club. As they are leaving however they are stalked and kidnapped what later turns out to be Vampires. Aaliyah never stops trying to get away . Aiden is the Master Vampire and he has chosen Aaliyah to be his. The vamps are taking humans in hopes of finding mates so they can create more life. This can only be done with a true lifemate. Aaliyah had been told many years ago she could not have children but if she becomes mate to Aiden that would be possible. She develops feelings strong sexual and emotional feelings for this Vamp but is still fighting the pull towards him. Aaliyah has a ton of issues with Bennitt and a few other vamps who seem to not want to follow Aidens orders of not hurting her. 

Will she give in? Can Rachel who has fallen head over heels for her Vamp Will help smooth things for Aiden? 

Great story with lots of hot sexy scenes !!! And who doesn’t enjoy a Love at first sight book even if that love is with a Vampire 

Review copy provided by: Gifted copy provided by Author for my honest review

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