What is an Author Street Team?

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What is a Street Team?
A Street Team is a team made up of as many members as the Author wants and it is made in order to help promote the Author and The Books written by Author !! I am still learning what it truly means to be on a Street Team !! So I don't really have all the correct answers for what it is. And I began my journey and joined my first author team 4 years ago. 

What being on an Authors Street Team means to me !!

I am I guess outside the box with this as I am still very new to street teams I am only on 2 :) But I am learning and although some things still dont sit well with me I continue to do all I can for the authors and their books I adore !!! .. I thought I had to be a guard dog < not literally > But I have told myself and now follow my own heart.  I cant' help what anyone else does. I can only make certain I DO the best I can for the Authors Teams I am a member of :) 

I wrote this post back in January 2014 so much has changed since then and I have learned much. 

My thoughts as of 2017

What is a Street Team to me? (My opinion)
1. A group with people who love that particular authors books. 
2. The group as a whole should ban together to promote that author, their books, their social media sites as often as they can. 
3. They recommend said authors books. 
4. They read and review that authors books. (Honest reviews only) - Just because you love said author doesn't mean you will love all their books so be honest it's important. 
5. A place to make friends with others who like the same author and books as you. 
6. A place to have fun and relax - MOST IMPORTANT

What a Street Team is not. ( Again my opinion only)
1. Not a place to just gain prizes from said author
2. Not a place to demean any other authors or their work.
3. Not a place to post about other authors. Unless said author is in a box set. 
4. Not a place to cause drama. We are there to help the author not cause them distractions from writing.

My rules of joining a street team and being a productive member. I am on 6 teams at various times over the past 4 years I was apart of a few others but
I chose to limit my street teams to give more focus or I simply didn't like how things were and decided they weren't for me.  

1. Never join more teams than you can handle. 
Remember a street team is to promote that author and if you have many teams that can leave you not doing your part. 

2. Make sure to read and review at least some of the authors work for the team you are in. 

3. If you know you can't promote an author at least 1 time a week or so perhaps a street team is not for you
follow that author on their fan page, website, twitter instead. 

4. Just because you are on a particular authors street team does not mean you can not promote other authors work. 

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