Review - 4 Stars - Brit Boys : On Boys Boxed Set Various Authors

Book: Brit Boys: On Boys
Author: Ashe Barker , M.K. Elliott , Lucy Felthouse , K.D. Grace , Lily Harlem , Clare London, Sarah Masters , Josephine Myles
Publication Date: 12/30/214
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars


I read and reviewed 3 of the books in this boxed set all of the authors are new to me.

Bodywork by Ashe Barker

In this book we have Alex who owns a car repair body shop and that is a good thing
since he hits someone in the grocery store parking lot. Graham accepts Alex's reply of fixing his car
why not? Alex is one hot looking male.
If Alex had not been in such a hurry he would not have gotten himself into this mess.

Graham brings his car to Alex's shop and then needs a ride home. Things get all HOT and then some from that moment on.
Not badly written at all short and sexy !!

Breaking the Marine - M.K. Elliott

Brandon is a recruit 22 years old and is feeling like crap after a night of drinking. While in the club he meets an older man by the name of Will. Will tells Brandon he is also in training but doesn't exactly tell him what he does.

Will is a very dominate kind of guy and takes Brandon out back of the club and things get all kinds of hot between these two.

But later Brandon figures out just what it is Will does and things could not be worse.

Short and hot story here I enjoyed it.

Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse

Theo is an actor and he has one of his biggest roles ahead of him. While on set he meets a young man by the name of Eddie Henderson.

Theo has an idea using Eddie and enlists his help on studying the area a bit to get his mind into the scene he has to play. Well Eddie is all for that.

They set out together to discover the area as well as each other.

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