My Review - 5 Stars - Lost and Found Porter Kingston Series #1 by Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough

Book: Lost and Found – Porter Kingston Series #1
Author: Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
Publication Date: 5/9/2013- has since been republished
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Olivia talked her husband into going to his sister’s place out in Oregon. She wanted to take a plane but her husband Derek said they would drive. So from Kansas where they live we begin their journey.

Olivia is driving the last leg of the trip and the roads are horrible with ice.
She wakes Derek but its too late there was something on the bridge and she ends up spiraling the van out of control.

Many things take part during this time and her fear for her family is so much to endure.
Olivia's only fear is for her husband Derek and their 3 kids.
The firemen finally arrive and as with the bystander they are trying to get Olivia out of the van but she refuses until they get her family out.

The boys and Derek are unconscious only her daughter Jenna is awake and screaming until Olivia assures her they will be saved by the firemen.

Everything goes to hell in a hand basket once they get Olivia out. 

Olivia now endures nightmares there was nothing she could do to keep her promise to her family. Derek's sister
Claudia who is Derek's sister has stayed with Olivia through it all. She is trying to get Olivia out of this depression and funk.

Claudia is her best friend always has been she is how Olivia met Derek.

Claudia is a lawyer and she decides to take Olivia with her to one of her meetings with a client since they were out and about. And wow does Olivia's life ever change from this dinner meeting.

Claudia is being pursued by Cash's brother but she is holding a secret that torments her and not even her best friend Olivia knows.

Olivia meets Cash via her best friend Claudia and her life starts changing for the better. They both are tormented souls who don't believe they should be happy.

Can they find happiness again? Can Cash and Olivia be each other's happy ending?
This was one of the saddest, overwhelmingly emotional books I have read in a long time. I would suggest having Kleenex nearby. It is very well written and is all about family, loss and recovery. There are many editing hiccups but I let the story grab me not the hiccups.

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