Review - 5 Stars - Madcap Miss by Claudy Conn @Claudyconn

Book: Madcap Miss
Author: Claudy Conn
Publication Date: 1/24/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


We have Felicia who has heard that her Uncle and Guardian is coming to fetch her and force her into marriage she is refusing. Her best friend Scott has an idea and they are off to his Aunts in London. However along the way they are ambushed and Scott is injured.
A stranger who she learns is named Glen Aston helps her to get Scott to a safe Inn and fetches the doctor.

Felicia is struck dumbfounded by this very handsome stranger and Is unsure whether she can trust this man but she agrees to do so.

Felicia is falling fast for this tall, dark and handsome man.
She dreams of falling in love before marriage and Glen himself felt that same way once.

Can Glen Ashton be the man and savior Felicia is looking for?
What of it when Felicia finds out who he really is?
Will Felicia’s need to help others be the death of Glen Aston?

Lady Daphne arrives at Easton Manor but finds the one who she is sent to take charge of is no longer there which that person is Flip aka Felicia. And if you read the story you will find out just who Lady Daphne is and who she is related to.

As with all of Claudy Conn’s books the heroine is not a sissy baby oh no they are strong willed, outspoken , and loyal above all else. Felicia is a hot cannon ball for Glen Ashton. And of course we get a bit of comedy in the book also.

Well grab your copy

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