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Chase, contemporary, spicy, suspense romance

Eighteen and in deep trouble, Chase is given a choice, keep his mouth shut about the beating they gave him and leave town or go to prison for rape. Twelve years later he can’t leave the doubt alone. Was Tiffany pregnant? Discovering Tiffany didn’t lie, at least that time, he returned. Suffering the lengths they went to be rid of him, he knows what they’d do if they saw him. Only wanting to see the boy, from a distance, not cause trouble, he never expecting to be allowed anywhere near the child. He gets a startling invitation to stay with disturbing results. Tiffany disappeared years before, both her parents are dead, all three under suspicious circumstances. The lone family survivor, Tiffany’s younger sister, inherited the family fortune and his son. Grateful to Sydney for the care she gives Ryan, fascinated by her, he can’t help seeing something is not right even before he’s told were there enough evidence, she’d be on trial for murder.

The Wait for Red Roses, spicy contemporary, suspense, romance
John knew it was illegal. Why else would a stranger provide an astronomical price to have his face rebuilt to look like Curtis Wellborn III? A fat fee awaited John as soon as he convinced the wife to sign divorce papers. The family wanted to ensure the white trash tramp would have no claim on the estate when Curt’s father died. Not as simple as it sounded when facing the sharp witted Cindra, not a tramp, but a strong willed woman who saved herself from a desperate situation when Curt deserted her five years before.
For Cindra, he looked, sounded, and felt like Curt, but something was off. A reversal of personality notwithstanding, he didn’t remember things he should. Furious when she discovered they weren’t divorced, he frustrated her by refusing to bring the new papers and proclaiming he still loved her. Not accepting his reasons for leaving or where he’d been, she believed him even less when he said she was in danger—until her car blew up.

Traps, 70s, suspense, romance
Returning from war, Ward wanted as little to do with people as possible and retreated to the forest. As a park ranger in the 70s, he tolerated the people while protecting the animals. Avoiding people as much as possible, he wanted to take pictures, write a book on the wild life, and stop the poachers. Having his publisher saddled him with a woman to retake the pictures he spends months on was an insult. Having her save his life when he fell into a trap set by the poacher was embarrassing, especially when he fell for her harder than he’d fallen into that trap. Ward wanted to stop the poacher; the poacher wanted to kill him, and Callie was caught in the middle. Little did the poacher know, she was as capable of fighting back as Ward and a private war started. Can one woman’s determination win?

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