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Latest Books by Shealy

The Finding Series
Join these friends as they fall in love and discover who they are after facing their own hard times.
Find Me in Manhattan
Release Date March 25, 2015
Find Me in Manhattan is a stand-alone spin-off novel from the Finding Series.
Sarah Grant is finally living her dream in the Big Apple. While working to achieve her life’s ambitions, she becomes ensnared by the charming and charismatic Jameson Carmichael. Just when Jameson threatens Sarah’s safety, a dream-worthy hero falls in her lap making her question everything she had ever believed about herself.
Sergeant Michael Pearson is merely existing in this nightmare he calls life. He is attempting to have a normal existence, while struggling to discover who he is after the army. When an opportunity to be save someone arises, he doesn’t hesitate. However, Michael doesn’t realize he is rescuing the one woman in a city of millions that can make him want to truly live again.
Sarah and Michael discover a connection that runs deep, but can they find love in a city known for heartbreak?
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Other titles in the Finding Series:
Finding Me, Finding You and Finding Us

The Whole Life Series
Follow these amazing women as they transform their lives and fall in love with the men who won’t let them go.
**The Whole Life Series is written in chronological order, and the characters appear in more than one novel, but all the books in the Whole Life Series are standalone novels.
Whole Life Makeover
Because being pretty isn’t enough…
Katherine “Kitty” Peters is done doing what Daddy says. She wants freedom, and she wants it now. When her father gives her a month to take the life he offers or find her own way, she takes full advantage and makes over her whole life. It doesn’t take long for her heart to take over, making Katherine more vulnerable than ever before. Unfortunate circumstances force her to realize that escaping her father’s reign is harder than she imagined, especially when the tattooed maverick she fell in love with needs her help. Katherine is manipulated into making a deal with the devil and forced to return to her old life only to discover her one-month makeover may have changed her more than she realized.

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Other titles in the Whole Life Series:
Whole Life Re-Do

All images for teasers and trailer were purchased from by Shealy James.
NYC Photo 1 – Empire State Building by Songquan Deng
NYC Photo 2 – panoramic by sborisov
All images of “Sarah” by Andrei Aleshyn
Images of “Michael” by curaphotography
Soldier silhouette by Matthew Gibson
All kiss images by Konrad Bak
NYC couple silhouette by Tijan Mihajlovic
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Whole Life Makeover image konrad bak
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 About Shealy
Shealy James is a Georgia native who teaches middle school by day and disappears into the world of fiction at night.  A sucker for love and happy endings, Shealy likes to combine humor and drama to create stories that are both emotional as well as entertaining. Shealy lives her real-life romance everyday with her husband and baby girl.

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