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Review - 5 Stars - Found at Last by Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough

Book: Found At Last – Porter Kingston Series #3
Author: Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
Publication Date: 4/23/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

In this book we get Mattie and Josie’s story. These two had a past well a one night stand. Mattie never forgot the woman who smelled of Jasmine and that’s the nickname he has given her.
Josie has hardened her heart against love. She has only known abuse from men for almost all of her life. She endured the worst kind of abuse from her last husband.

Josie is a woman who carries her life on her sleeve and she is her own worst enemy. Can she open her heart again to love? She can trust again?

And what about Mattie? Is he strong enough to handle all the demons that Josie has? Including his own?

So much happens in this story. I have to say out of the 3 in this series so far this is by far my favorite.
We have suspense, action and passion what more could you want? Well I of course want more in this series.

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