Cover Reveal - Crazy by M. Dauphin

6:00 AM

v DESCRIPTION: When Benton and Gabby get together, fireworks don’t come close to the heat between the two. The problem is, Gabby believes she’s too broken to be deserved by anyone and Benton will stop at nothing to try to fix her.  Even if that means making sacrifices that could cost him his world. He puts his job, daughter, and life on the line for the one woman that needs him the most, but will she recognize his efforts before it’s too late? Can these two find peace in the hands that they’ve been dealt or are they both a little too crazy to make it work?
v Snippet:

“Fuck me.” I moan, putting my head in my hands for a moment to take in the disappointment. The rage. The hurt. What the hell? “Adam, she lied to me,” I say, astonished that I almost told her I loved her the other day. How can I love someone that lies to me about something like that? And what type of person does it make me that even though I know she lied, I still have incredibly strong feelings towards her? Feelings of love and hope for the future.
“Yea, well…” He rests his elbows on his knees and sighs. Looking at me and glancing back at the door, like he’s making sure I’m the only one to hear his next words, he clears his throat and continues. “Dude, she has a kid.”
 It feels like the wind’s been knocked out of me. A kid? A KID! She has a fucking kid?!
“I need you to leave, Adam,” I growl, clenching my fists, feeling the need to hit something. Hard. “No can do,” he leans back and stares at me. “You’re not about to ruin this office because you can’t get that anger under control. Too much fucking money lies right here in this beautiful desk.” He pets the desk and grins. Asshole.

 “I’m not going to destroy the office,” I growl. “I’m going to find Gabby.”

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