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New Release - Cruz by Author Sammie J @AuthorSammieJ

New Release 

by Author Sammie J 
Release Date: 5/16/2016

An unexpected responsibility forces Cruz to evaluate his priorities, reliving experiences starts a long-awaited grieving process. Whilst a subtle 

touch shows empathy towards his feelings, allowing him to open up more than he ever had in the past. An angry revelation changes one person's 

understanding of the world, as they come to terms with these new insights and deal with old ghosts coming back to haunt them. Will a new thirst 

for blood force a family apart or bring them closer together?


Her heart stopped beating for a second until it kicked started again when I reached out to touch her. 
She took little steps backing away from me. Her face showing nothing but fear. 
Monica decided now was the time to speak up. "Are you okay, Lara?"
I shook my head at the silliness of her question before I spoke. "I'm sorry I scared you. Lara, take a deep breath. 
You need to calm down."
Lara wasn't even looking at me, her aim was firmly on Monica. 
Her eyes suddenly flashed with anger. 
"I've just had my world turned upside down you silly cow. What do you want me to say? 
Everything is tickety-boo? Well, it's not." 
Her head, then swung my way. "I've been told, I'm surrounded by vampires and werewolves and you're telling me to calm down. 
How I am supposed to react to that?"

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