Review - 5 Stars - When You Witch Upon A Star (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Melanie James @AutMelanieJames

Book: Magic and Mayhem: When You Witch Upon A Star (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Author: Melanie James
Publication Date: 6/20/2016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


In this story we get Jessica you know the witch we met in a previous book. She traveled back in time and now is learning witchy stuff with her cousin Kelly and oh, and Ezzy. And where else would a witch want to live? Assjacket, WV ha-ha too funny well to me it is. Witches can have playmates but when it comes to shifters that is as far as it's allowed but will that stop things from happening for Jessica? We shall find out as she is off to Assjacket to study the ins and outs and under the sheets of shifters. Jessica runs into the the witches of the area while there and things just do not go too well at all.
And bring your pee-pads as we get antics from Nonna and Maria as well these two are beyond hilarious. And Tiago the bird is a hoot. And a pesky raccoon who we find out may be just what Jessica needed.
Oh and I cannot forget Rollan who Jessica has the hots for.

I enjoyed this very humorous book.

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