Review - 4 Stars - Miss Taken (Miss Taken #1) Author: Cleo Scornavacca

Book: Miss Taken (Miss Taken #1)
Author: Cleo Scornavacca
Publication Date: 9/23/2013
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars

A first for me by this author.
This story finds two twin sisters who could not have lived very different lives.
Rain was kept closely to the home due to a blood disorder. Raven went to the best schools and now works with their father at his law firm. Rain fights her family because they hover about her and its driving her insane. Well she refuses at this point to be confined and that brings Dominick into her world. Who is he? Well the son of her fathers law partner. He wants what he feels is owed to him since his fathers death. But can he get it?

This couple starts on the wrong foot but something draws them together.
Good thing Rain has a best friend to listen to her when she truly needs it.
Dominick is a bad guy in some ways but in some ways he is just as browbeaten as Rain.

Good strong story, however we do have grammar issues and of course a cliffhanger.

I was gifted this book for my honest review.

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