Review - 5 Stars - Eden's Kiss (Porter Kingston Series #4) Author: Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough

Book: Eden's Kiss (Porter Kingston Series #4)
Author: Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
Publication Date: 8/14/2015
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


This is book four in this series.
Claudia and Olivia and the Kingston’s' men’s children are all grown up. Grayson has planned a trip for a few years and now it is finally time to take it. Of course, his best friend and cousin Gideon is going with him. They run into one little snag. Little sister to Gideon has decided to stow away in the back seat. Eden has always been a thorn in many sides but she is a loving soul also. Something takes place that many would see as taboo and Grayson has no clue how to speak to his parents or his best friend about it. Grayson also learns of those who should be in his life and hopes everything works out.

Grayson came into this family at the age of ten. He and Eden although cousins are not blood family. They have had intense feelings all of their lives.
What happens when they can no longer hide those feelings? Will their families be happy or shut them out? A horrible accident may be what breaks the issue all together.

I enjoyed this story and have enjoyed this series. I would suggest starting with book one so you can learn everyone. I cannot wait to find out who gets a book next.
Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough

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