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Review - 5 Stars - How To Love an Alpha Box Set

Book: How to Love an Alpha
Author: Monica La Porta,Melissa Snark, Julia Mills, Lynn Tyler , Gina Kincade , Phoenix Johnson, P.T. Macias , Lori Whyte , Lisa Carlisle , A.K. Michaels
Publication Date: 9/20/2016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I am reviewing three books in this box set.

Saved by Her Dragon by Julia Mills

Devon's mate is in a hospital bed in a coma but some how the fates have given them the unique ability to mind speak before they are even mated. Of course she does not really know that he is her mate or vice versa.
Anya finally awakens thanks to the help of Kyra and Devons mother and all the prayers from all the clan.
She is a feisty female for sure but is so in love already with Devon.
Her memories of what happen start to unfold and sure enough it’s that dreadful Andrew who was behind everything.
This book has so many shockers and the HEAT between this couple is off the charts.
Question remains Will they get Andrew this time?
And what will they all think when they learn what Anya truly is?
There is one huge shocker at the end of the book!

The Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies by A K Michaels

Rose is born in a time where supers are free to walk the earth but more than that, they are free to destroy it all as well. Rose's mother is a witch and her father a werewolf and someone is out to destroy all witches. Rose’s mother knows they are coming and she hurries off to the hiding place although her mother does not stay with her.
Rose is soon taken to a friend of her father’s home his name is Seth and he is a witch. He trains Rose, and comes to love Rose although he knows she is not his mate.
Rose is a powerful Assassin and is hired by the council to take out those who are killing and doing other horrible things. She does not kill however until she knows it is a warranted need.
The new head of the council is a powerful demon and after taking on the job, Rose finds she cannot follow through with it.
Cassius the vampire she is sent to kill does not seem to be as he is portrayed.
Can Seth, Cassius and Roses father keep her safe?
What will the head of the council do to her?

An Immortal Christmas by Monica La Porta
New to me author.
In this story we get Camelia who is having to marry but not for love and the man doesn't even want a female. But Quintilius has no other option for them but to marry or does he?
Well centuries later Camelia is apart of a large family of different paranormal beings. Things have changed and although it has she still awaits her soul mate. She is now in Washington State and hopes to leave the misery of Rome behind her. Well Constantine will make his appearance to her although she knows everything about him. His smell, his look, he is her love. But can she get over his betrayal? And will Constantine realize she is not with Quintilius? Can this couple find their way to each other and realize they both want the same thing?
I enjoyed this short story.

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