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Book Review: 5 Stars: Shifters Untamed Author: Melanie James, Julia Mills, Kate Richards, Claudy Conn ,Gena D. Lutz , Candice Mansfield, A.K. Michaels, Aubree Lane, Ever Coming

Book:Shifters Untamed
Author: Melanie James, Julia Mills, Kate Richards, Claudy Conn ,Gena D. Lutz , Candice Mansfield, A.K. Michaels, Aubree Lane, Ever Coming
Publication Date: 4/6/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Book One: An Evening in the Superstitions
by Kate Richards
New to me author.
This is a short, sexy, bear shifter book. Delia is being abused by her current mate Cerberus and its friends who help to get her away. The clan she has gone to stay with well let's just say they save her in more ways than one especially Glenn. I enjoyed this book although there was some hiccups in the grammar.

Book Two: Ember's Curse - by Gena D. Lutz
Previously read/reviewed
This is One heck of a GOOD BOOK !! I enjoyed every single chapter it had me either laughing, crying, screaming, or wanting to punch someone I tried to make the book last I didn’t want it to end.
In this book we have Ember who is a Wolf/Vamp Hybrid Alpha who has lived with a Curse her entire life. She also believes that one day she will meet her true mate although It had not happened. She works as a bartender amongst other things at her Pack Leaders club in Astoria. One of her good friends Nathan also works with her at the club he is a pack member. She is roommates with Harper a vamp they have a really good friendship. Well all hades’ breaks loose when someone attacks almost killing Harper at their apartment and not only Harper they have also stolen/killed several neighbors who are all were’s . Nathan contacts his cousin Collin who is with an Elite Team/Pack known as Adelphi Council they are the ones who serve Justice.
Collin comes over to discuss things and before even seeing his face Ember has tingling in her body and knows she knows what is happening. Do you know? Well I am not going to tell you anymore as You should pick up the book !!!
We meet a few more friends along the way !!! I sure hope Nathan gets a book !!!
Oh the battles that ensue in this book are wicked they are battling immortals and there are many different kinds of paranormal beings!!!

Book Three: The Black Rose Chronicles Deceit and Lies
by A K Michaels
Previously read/reviewed
Rose is born in a time where supers are free to walk the earth but more than that, they are free to destroy it all as well. Rose's mother is a witch and her father a werewolf and someone is out to destroy all witches. Rose’s mother knows they are coming and she hurries off to the hiding place although her mother does not stay with her.
Rose is soon taken to a friend of her father’s home his name is Seth and he is a witch. He trains Rose, and comes to love Rose although he knows she is not his mate.
Rose is a powerful Assassin and is hired by the council to take out those who are killing and doing other horrible things. She does not kill however until she knows it’s a warranted need.
The new head of the council is a powerful demon and after taking on the job Rose finds she cannot follow through with it.
Cassius the vampire she is sent to kill does not seem to be as he is portrayed.
Can Seth, Cassius and Roses father keep her safe?
What will the head of the council do to her?
Well grab you a copy of this book that is filled with paranormal beings and get reading. I do believe I have a new favorite book by this author.

Book Four: Getting Bear by Ever Coming
New to me author:
This was a very sexy, hot short read. Bruno is very dominating but Victoria finds it sexy as all get out. She is human and he is not.
She will learn quick what a bite means.

Book Five: Catamount Ridge by Aubree Lane
Previously read/reviewed
A Family finally moves into the house that took a beating on a marriage only to have one nightmare after another happen. A child lost and now one has to come to grips with weird things happening. What does a woman do when she meets Fire and Ice?

Book Six:Volatile Breath of Darkness
by Candice Mansfield
Previously read/reviewed
This is Nikolas’s and Brianna’s Story. Brianna is Nikolas’s chosen mate. She is beyond frustrated that he does not want to claim her/ take her. This story takes us on One hell of a roller coaster ride. But like all the books before it and seeing how I love my DRAGON shifters this one ROCKS as well.
Will Nikolas finally let go of his fears and give Brianna his immortal breath? Well grab your copy and find out.
The book has great action and a WHOLE LOT of HOT !!!!

Book Seven: Awakening-Bray
by Claudy Conn
Previously read/reviewed
Oh my goodness where to start with Bray’s story. And the gang Bray, Stevie and Wendy are back but
Well they are not little kids anymore. So what happens when you mix a Royal Fae, A Fios, and a Druid Priest together when they have majority of their powers? Chaos is what you get. The evil demon is back and he now resides in an Alpha werewolf body. He is determined Wendy will be his. Now we have all kinds of other stuff going on as well especially in the romance department. Stevie after all his women through high school and college has now set his eyes and heart on a dear friend of Wendy’s her name is Kate. Then of course Wendy has always loved Bray but he has never looked at her outside a brother /sister type way until now? Or does he?
Well the author has blown it out of the ball park with this next installation into the Awakening Series. We get many characters from past books which would be The Legend Series forward. And you know that saying Like Father Like Son well Bray is just like his father Prince Breslyn.
This may or may not be a stand-alone I myself started with The Legend Series so I have watched the author bring each story to us with more suspense, more action with each character and now it’s the children of those characters who are getting stories.
If you love paranormal, Fae, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves then this is definitely the book to grab I do recommend it.

Book Eight : Fur Ever Yours
by Melanie James
Previously read/reviewed
Rafe is the Alpha of Black Paw, one night while out on patrol him, and a few of his pack find a wolf in horrible condition with a silver collar on. Rafe is not sure at first what is going on but his wolf knows.
Mina was raised in a pack where no one is treated fairly she is not sure now what she got herself in to but it has to be better than the treatment at Twisted Tail.
Once the collar is off Mina, everything changes for herself and Rafe.
Now they are in for the fight of their lives against Griffin the pack leader of Twisted Tail.
Can Rafe protect Mina and rescue her family and others?
How will Mina feel about being an Alpha' Mate?

Book Nine: Her Dragon's Fire
by Julia Mills
Previously read/reviewed
What a fantastic book. In this next installment the action continues as brother Andrew who betrayed his brothers and his brothers at arms is on the move to eliminate those who he feels wronged him.
Aidan is a fierce guardsman within the dragon guard and he knows where his life mate is and whom she is but he can’t be with her not until he takes care of capturing his brother. However with Rayne and his new mate expecting a baby he decides to go stay at Kyndel’s old apartment and try to find his brother.
Grace is a very hard working lawyer and she is best friends since college with Kyndel. Her body comes to life just thinking of the sexy man who is staying at her best friends place.
Sparks fly and love blooms and the action is nonstop in this book.
Can Aidan stop his crazed brother? Can he finally have his life mate and keep her safe?

I borrowed this book via Kindle Unlimited. I highly suggest this set if you love paranormal romance with spice!!

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