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Release Blitz - Break Free to Deceive by Rose Silverstone @rsilverstone7

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Author: Rose Silverstone
Book: Break Free to Deceive
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Escape From Reality, Book 4
Release Date: August 15th

Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end. – Rachel Hawthorne

How can I love her? Screw that. How can I fuck her after discovering all that is revealed about her? Deacon Jacobs has been asking himself that question since the moment everything was uncovered. Torrance Miller strode her way into his shop and needled her way into his psyche. Past hurts come into play and have him questioning what little relationship they have developed. Torrance has high hopes for her venture, Break Free Spa & Resort. Her wild dreams for one, Mr. Deacon Jacobs, may just call a halt to all of it if she doesn’t remain focused. The first day she wandered into his body shop she thought she'd died and gone to man candy heaven. Having the headman in charge express an interest just about bowled her over. Too much is riding on the outcome of the resort for her to allow herself to be lost to this man. In spite of herself, she finds herself doing just that How in the hell was she supposed to tell the man that gave her the best orgasms she'd ever felt she was engaged to someone else?

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Rose Silverstone

Rose Silverstone is a reader, a blogger, an author, and a mother. She is a person; a human being with feelings. Rose runs the gamut of emotions and loves making new connections. She. Is. Woman!
On her pages you will find a multitude of things that inspire, enrich, and encourage. You will also see books she’s reading, authors she is looking forward to reading or have read. Most of all, you’ll see the works Rose has in store for lovers of mystery, romance, and paranormal novels along with the insanity that is her personality.
Enjoy and share, all is fair.
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