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I got in from work today to learn that Amazon has removed 4 years worth of reviews. Not just my book reviews but even product reviews for things I have purchased. I have nothing left :( 
I am in a battle so I am told to get them to give me back my Amazon rights and I have no clue what I am battling as I didn't break any rules. I am not family with any authors I write reviews for so no guideline broken. I hope authors can be patient with me and forgive me for this. I love to read and review it's why I started my book blog almost 4 years ago. 

4 YEARS gone :( Like I never existed on Amazon .. Why? 

I can't leave a review on anything , not free books, not kindle unlimited books nothing at this time. They say I will hear from someone in 1 to 2 days. But I am finding many saying that will do nothing. 
I am not family to any of these authors or the people I purchased my fans from or cat supplies or household items? WHY are they doing this? 

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  1. Unfortunately, family is not the only connection that would break their guidelines (even if they aren't stated). They have been removing reviews if your profile is linked to Facebook and if you are friends with any authors or even if you just follow the authors' pages. It's viewed as bias, which is completely silly. They'll also remove a review if it's written that you received a book in exchange for a review. Now they have to say that you got the book for free without expectation of a review in return but are doing so willingly and voluntarily. Numerous bloggers have been hit with this in the last few weeks. I'm sorry it's happened to you.