Review - 5 Stars: Book: Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings @JuliaMills623

Book: Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings
Author: Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Julia Mills, Jennifer James, Kristen Strassel, RosalieRedd,
Susan Griscom, Tami Lund, Ever Coming, Skye Jones, TL Reeve, Rebecca Rivard
My Rating: 5 Stars
Publication Date: 1/17/2018
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts


My review in this set is for Condemed by Julia Mills

What does one do when their brother is thrown in prison for a murder they didn't commit?
Why we go find ourselves a very sexy, total alpha vampire lawyer of course. Well maybe not but that is what our Bonnie is going to do.

Bonnie needs help and with that help comes something quite unexpected. Remy is a very... old vampire who never found the one until he meets Bonnie.
Just one problem or hmm a few these two have to tackle and freeing her brother may be the easiest. This couple will hit many obstacles.
This story is so funny but also gives us a bit of suspense. I enjoyed it and hope there is more to come.

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