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Review - 5 Stars: Book: Decoding Darkness (Book 3) Author: Marissa Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book: Decoding Darkness (Book 3)
Author: Marissa Farrar
My Rating: 5 Stars
Publication Date:
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts


This story continues where we were left off in book two. Darcy has gotten herself into one heck of a pickle for sure with Hollan and his goons. She finds herself in a cell of sorts yet again only this time what's coming for her is no joke. Can she manage to get out of this? She dreams and prays that her men will find her. What we wish for though isn't always a good thing especially when someone's life a life that you have grown to love is in the balance.

I truly have enjoyed this series so far and can not wait to find out what happens next in these five lives.

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