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Book Reviewed: Sin & Seduction: My Rating: 5 Stars by Various Authors @GinaKincade @ErzabetBishop

Book Reviewed: Sin & Seduction: A Limited Edition Spicy Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Collection
My Rating: 5 Stars
Authors: Gina Kincade , Anna Santos, Liz Gavin, Willsin Rowe , K.C. Falls , Ariel Marie, Eva Winters , Sedona Venez, Denyse Bridger, Jeanne St. James, Meg Xuemei X, Abby Hayes, J.S Morbius, Elvira Bathory, Jamie D. Morgan, DeCota A. Jaymes, Tegan Sutton, Erzabet Bishop, Kiki Howell , Angelica Dawson , Cassandre Dayne, Noelle Rahn-Johnson
Publication Date: 2/6/2018
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

This is a large box set that I won in an Amazon giveaway. I am leaving review now for a few of the stories.
They all have a really HOT side and some are suspenseful as well.
Some need a bit more... but overall these stories were pretty fantastic.

Seduction: A Paranormal Vampire Romance by Anna Santos
Violet is one kick butt and take names later female who is out to get revenge on her maker Ewan. But something changed and now she falters.
Can Ewan win her heart? Or will her superior Galvin win her?
Once a vampire always a vampire? Violet is stuck and doesn't know what she wants. This was a wonderful story.

Flying High by Liz Gavin
Kay is a bit on the heavier side and never found herself as sexy that is until Sean.
Sean is a one time thing however as he is against company and here she is thinking of not just one but 2 men hmm or more? This one is a Reverse Harem Sexy short read..

Noah Brotherhood of Souls by K.C. Falls
This is one HOT! sexy story here.
Noah is a barney bad butt EMT but there are many reasons for this and it takes one sassy sexy Joy also an EMT to figure him out. It's pretty deep this story.

Saving Penny : Imperial Knights 1 by Ariel Marie
Drake owns one of the top security teams in the world and now Penny needs help. There is just one problem. That gold coin he dreamed about is standing in front of him and is much more than she realizes to Drake.
This is a hot and sexy short read...

His by Sedona Venez
This is a interacial office romance... Very hot !!
Jayla is new on the job but that doesn't stop her boss from wanting her. One issue he is a Dom who usually always got what he wanted.
Is she submissive enough for Porter Holland?

Kitten Around - A Shifting Hearts Dating Agency Series Book Three by Erzabet Bishop
Paige enjoys rough play so she enjoys Ventures which is a club that caters to that sort of thing.
She works for Shifting Hearts Dating Agency and is sick of hearing from her ex and just needed a break.
Her inner kitty wants some roughness but in a oh sooo good way.
Tyler's looking forward to the auction at Ventures. His cat wants to dominate and it only wants one female subbie that it has had it's eyes on.
Nothing is ever easy however and a storm is on the horizon that just might be more than this cat can handle or is it?
I really enjoyed this story, we get sexy, suspense and just an overall awesome read.

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