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Book Review: O'Connor Family Series Collection My Rating: 5 Stars by Author: Katie Reus @katiereus

Book Reviewed: O'Connor Family Series Collection
My Rating: 5 Stars
Author: Katie Reus
Publication Date: 6/8/2018
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have read every single book in this set and it is truly a wonderful for the new reader to get them all at one time. Romance galore and just wonderful stories.

Merry Christmas, Baby
Nora owns the bookstore in Holly and she really has not let a man in to her life in a very long time. The one time she did was with Jackson who took her out once and that was it. It left her angry to say the least. Well now, he walks back into her store and expects her to just drop all for him. Nora and Jackson have been good friends and she allowed it to step across that line but not that far.  Jackson comes clean with Nora about why he vanished but can she forgive him? First, they need to figure out who is breaking into the bookstore.
Sweet, Romantic and such as Holly, NC dreams can come true.

Tease Me, Baby
This was a short but sweet story.
Fallon and Brad know of each other, have wanted each other and after an explosive Christmas kiss they are determined to have each other.
With the help of a few family friends this couple takes things to the next level. Can the Boy Scout win the girl?
Dreams can be achieved by never leaving where you are.
I really enjoyed this very sexy read. Fallon and Brad are a cute couple.

It's Me Again, Baby
Second Chances can sometimes be sweeter than the first time around.

Samantha had thought for a few years that Maguire simply had more than one woman. Well when he shows up to look at house he gets a shock to see the woman he has waited for is none other than his realtor. Does the fire still burn between these two? Well grab your copy and find out.

The town of Holly is one heck of a sweet place to live.
Another fantastic romance in this series.

Mistletoe Me, Baby
Miranda and Nolan are best friends so it's not a big deal when she has to come up with a fiance short notice so her family will get off her back.

Nolan has always loved Miranda much more than a friend but he has never made a move until now. And although she is thinking fake umm nope this sexy man has it all figured out.

The O'Connors are one big loving family and I just love Momma O'Connor. I am sure you could read this without the prior books but I would recommend you begin with book 1 and enjoy each one.

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