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Book Review: Dearest Stalker: A Complete Collection My Rating: 5 Stars Author: Lane Parker, J.S. Scott @AuthorJSScott

Book Review: Dearest Stalker: A Complete Collection
My Rating: 5 Stars
Author: Lane Parker, J.S. Scott
Publication Date: 2/28/2019
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have truly enjoyed every story in this collection.
Book 1 -
Wow, what a book this is. I can't say I have read many stalker books but this one was absolutely worth reading. I have already grabbed the next two in this series to devour.
Kate has lost her mom, her no good dad and for some reason has become a little sister or more to her stepbrother.
She has also picked up a stalker, and now the big question is who is he?
Well, you won't find out in this story although it has my mind going on who it may be...
Grab your copy I got mine when it was Free and so freaking glad I did.

Book 2 -
I devoured this second book and it picks us up right where book one left us. I am glad it did that but now to figure out this mystery.
Kate wants to know more about her stalker I mean hello they had sexy time so why not? But he isn't giving up much of anything. He does, however, come in through the window and gives her yet again mind-blowing sexy time.
Who is he?
OMG... Can I please have more already.
Who is the stalker?
I am beginning to get an idea but not quite sure...

Book 3 -
Katie gets her wish, her dream job, and along with it comes the man she will work with... Ian Blackwood.
She still is thinking about her stalker, and why he won't just open up about who he is...
And now she is falling hard for Mr. Cranky Pants himself.
What is a woman to do?
Well, we won't know much til the next book haha...
I normally don't like cliffhangers but I have read many shorts that get published fairly close to each other so it's not too bad. And the story is well worth the five stars I am giving it.
Again I suggest you read the previous books before this one.

Book 4 -
In the previous story, Katie learns who her stalker is... Taken aback yes she is but will that stop this determined female who is so deeply in love now with her stalker that there is no turning back?
The author wraps up Katie and Ian' story so nicely.
This couple completes each other in so many ways. Absolutely adored this couple.
Read to the end for a sneak peek at whose story is next. I am already excited...

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