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Book Review: Immortal Desires My Rating: 5 Stars Author: Multi-Author @AvaKMichaels @AutMelanieJames @SusanGriscom

Book Review: Immortal Desires
My Rating: 5 Stars
Author: Multi-Author
Publication Date: 2/26/2019
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

This is a large box set of stories. I am leaving currently my review for the following stories although I am sure all the stories in this box set are fantastic.

Conjuring Darkness - Melanie James
This book has been updated since I first read it back in 2014. And wow the updates make it rock... This story gives you all the feels mystery, suspense, action, and the passion is sizzling hot... Lexi and Ryan **swoon**

The Dragon and The Vampire - AK Michaels
This book was fantastic. In this book we have Ronan he is the leader / Head of The Supernatural Enforcement Bureau. What is that you ask? Well in most countries we all have to have some sort of justice/police and this is the Paranormal equivalent.
Ronan is bewildered as a Dragon is being hunted by the dark magic witch that almost killed Peri his sire's mate. A dragon shifter wow is what he thinks. He has never seen one nor does he believe until he finally sees her. And feelings begin immediately. Starr has been on the run a very long time from the hunters they have killed her brother and have tried to capture her.
Ronan and his team do all they can to find Starr and help her understand they wish to help her not hurt her.
With the witch Esther’s help, they locate Starr.
Starr comes back to the Bureau with Ronan and Esther and things heat up between Starr and Ronan. They have figured out they are life mates. Well, things get right HOT between these two.
But they are not out of danger and Starr refuses to be left behind while Ronan and his teams go hunting the Hunters.
Can they save Starr? Can the team actually put an end to the hunters?

Wet Kisses - Susan Griscom
In this one, we get a dual shifter Adrian who is one very rich CEO.
Only one issue he can't control one of them.

Reese was hired as the new project manager at Waterscapes. She was amazed because she hasn't had a job before but is looking forward to it Until... Her first day on the job she is being sent for coffee ruins her new shoes when she is about knocked down by a bunch of teenagers then meets the most handsome man she has ever seen. Oh and the good part? It's her new boss .... didn't see that one coming did ya.

This is a sexy story, we also get a bit of action from an old friend of Adrian's. So grab your copy and read!

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