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#bookreview #fivestarread - Darkest Skies: The Complete Series: Planet Athion A Reverse Harem Sci Fi Series Author: Marissa Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book Review: Darkest Skies: The Complete Series: Planet Athion A Reverse Harem Sci Fi Series
Author: Marissa Farrar
My Rating: 5 Stars
Publication Date: 5/4/2019
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have truly enjoyed every book in this series and I am looking for to the new one coming.
Book 1 -
Not sure how to even start this review without giving too much away. Let me say if I could rate it higher I would. I have read many books by this author and every time I think she couldn't possibly blow me away she does. This book is that good.
Camille works at an Observatory, and although her sister is younger, she is still an adult who has moved back in with her after a breakup.
Late one night all hell breaks loose, they are under attack, and she is left to wonder if it had anything to do with what they saw on the monitor at her job the night before?
She works with two sexy in their own way men, and she flirts with the security guard. These men she trusts but when many people end up at her job she isn't so quick to trust because something just isn't' sitting right.
The end well let's just say you will scream likely like I did. Haha... Enjoy it's that good.

Book 2 -
Book two in this fascinating story and wow it gets creepily good.
Camille and her co-workers Mike, and Casey along with security guard Aleandro are off to a meeting with the President.
All are needed to help figure out the how what and why is going on with the attacks and kidnappings of women.
Camille has a visit with an old foe which rattles her.
Can they get to the end of this? Can they save Tara?
So good, I am hoping book three comes soon.
Well grab your copy and find out.

Book 3 -
This is book 3 in the series.
And wow it blew me away.
Camille and the guys are in deep literally with the aliens.
Things go all kinds of wrong for them and agent Faw.
They pick up a stranded little one too along the way.
Things take a nice sexy turn for two of them.
This book was wickedly good... I want more !!
I would say you should start out with book one so you don't miss a minute of who is who, and what is up. Well worth it...

Book 4 -
I am saddened that this is the final story in this series.
However, it's the best fricking story in this series hands down.
The action has picked up, the sexy is off the charts with not three but now four men oh yea Camille has four sexy men at her disposal and they surely don't disappoint.
And she may forever be rid of one.
Keep an eye on the end about a future book as we all still want to know what happened to Camille's best friend Tara.

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