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#bookfair #books #sales #freebies #kindleunlimited - Sizzling Summer Reads July 7th - July 28th

Welcome to Sizzling Summer Reads
Nothing better than being beside a pool, or lying on the beach with your favorite book.
Below you will find quite a few fantastic books. 
Check back through out the month more books may be added!

If you are an Amazon Prime member from now until July 31st 
you can get Kindle Unlimited for #free for 3 months so check that out on Amazon. 

#Kindle Unlimited means they are available in Kindle Unlimited however still available for purchase if you don't have that. 
#FREE - means the book is free currently
#preorder - means you can preorder the book
#sale - means the book is currently on sale 
#audible - is aimed for those who prefer to listen to a book

Leave a comment for an author or your favorite book !!!

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