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#bookreview #fivestarread - Southern Fried Sass: Volume 1 by Julia Mills @JuliaMills623

Book Review: Southern Fried Sass: Volume 1
by Julia Mills
Author: Julia Mills
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have read and loved, laughed and enjoyed every story in this 4 book set. Fantastic deal indeed.

Later Gator
Oh my goodness, hang on to your depends while reading this first book in a new series by this author. We are in Hairy Wort, LA. We get three sisters well they are half sisters and likely have many more thanks to a defunct father. They own a Paranormal Dectective Agency which ruffles the sheriffs scales. Chickens go missing, someone's head is busted in, the gators are literally coming out of the swamp and we get little creatures for familiars..
Grab your copy and find out what it is all about...
Fantastic story I giggled quite a bit.

Nosey Rosie
If you have been following the stories in this series you already know your going to bust a gut with laughter.
Rosie and her little Dragonette find themselves in the middle of a murder? or not?
These two are hiliarious and add in a few panthers and well it's a party of hysterics.
I hope you grab your copy and enjoy...

Lazy Daisy
This story is Daisy Jo' and wow what a gut-busting story it is.
Daisy is apart of the Southern Fried Sass Detective Agency and she has been tasked with watching after the diner. A few issues with this. Daisy is the daughter of the Goddess of the Stars which means sandman haha and in order to break the sleeping spell she has to find her true mate. Until then Daisy and the dragonettes have their hands full with another mystery to solve that surrounds you guessed it, Nate the butthead father who sired one too many children, a pig shifter, and quite a few other characters... And well I can't forget to mention Daisy is gonna have her hands bearly full...
Funny, Sassy, Quirky and much more is what you get in this story.

Jamie's Got A Wand
Jamie isn't having the greatest of days that is one thing for certain...
A smart-mouthed Bilby shows up at her job, making threats and stating some kind of paranormal issues.
Her boss Thibaut the wolf, her bro-in-law the sheriff, and just about every other shifter in town has now shown up demanding she go all witchy on someone but who?
And now her beloved mate has shown up and shut down real quick.
It's up to Jamie and the only person she has to help her is a pink-haired pixie to find the evil and poof it gone.
These stories in this series always make me laugh. The females are sassy, and their mates well they tag along for the fun haha...

Julia Mills

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