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Book Review: Immortal Hunger
Author: by Melanie James, A.K. Michaels, Julia Mills, Lia Davis, Nicole Garcia, C.D. Gorri, Amanda Kimberley, DJ Bryce, P. Mattern, Amanda V Shane, Gena D. Lutz, Sky Purington , Lawrence Hall, S.J. Pierce, Breezy Jones, Frank Weber, Aubrie Lee, C.L. Pardington, J. D. Frettier, Susan Griscom, Bella Roccaforte
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Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have read several of the stories in this box set and I am leaving a review for those at this time.

Gertie's Paranormal Plantation by Melanie James
Gertie has been dating Brad the fireman for quite some time now but she hates that they are so far apart from each other and decides to help Brad decide to move in with her on the plantation. But many things take place that could spell doom for the happy couple.
We have witches, dragons, humans, and some surprising new creatures in this story. And if you have ever read any of the Leigh books and busted a gut laughing. Gertie will give you that tenfold.

The Black Rose Chronicles, Deceit and Lies by A.K. Michaels
Rose is a powerful Assassin and is hired by the council to take out those who are killing and doing other horrible things. She does not kill however until she knows it’s a warranted need.
The new head of the council is a powerful demon and after taking on the job Rose finds she can not follow through with it.
Cassius the vampire she is sent to kill does not seem to be as he is portrayed.
Can Seth, Cassius and Rose's father keep her safe?
What will the head of the council do to her?

Dragon’s Lore by Julia Mills
We get Lore who is Zachary's granddaughter and her best friend Minka who is hilarious, they both work with animals in some form or shape. But Lore has kept something... someone... secret but the secret is out. Lore doesn't want what the fates are throwing her way and she knows only a matter of time before it grabs her and doesn't let go.
He knew she was his the minute he took in her predators' eyes. But how could that be? He was too broken for her. Wasn't he?

Marked By The Devil by C.D. Gorri
Absolutely loved reading this story.
The author gives us a Jersey Devil who likes to do what he wants until his Grandmother tries to lock down his restless ways. So while he is grounded by grandma, I mean what chaos could possibly happen right?

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing by JD Frettier
Linda is hilarious even after her husband devastated her with divorce papers on top of losing all their funds she gets upset and let's just say it all goes uphill in a big up way.
When Linda meets Dee and Bonnie lets just say you better have the depends handy because these women will have you in stitches.
This is a short, hilarious read and I would suggest it if you like a little naughty with your nice.

Tempted by a Vampire by Susan Griscom
I found myself screaming often in this book there are a lot of OMG I didn't see that coming moment.
Maggie and her best friend have moved to San Fransico and she is starting over after her ex-boyfriend cheated again but for the very last time as far as she is concerned.
One night while out with Vanessa she meets a very handsome guy and not just a guy nope he is the lead singer in a band or is he???
This story gives us a bit of everything you enjoy in a PNR book. We get vamps, werewolves, a witch even. And suspense and a bit of action and top it with oh so hot romance. Very good reading.

A Vampire's Thirst: Grey by Bella Roccaforte
We get Grey who is a gentleman. He has chosen to live life as a good vampire? Is there really one of those?
Well, his maker aka Father demands that he go to Atlanta to deal with something so against his better judgment he goes.
Grey starts feeling weird, nothing is making sense until her.
Mila knew from the moment he came in the bar she was in. However, life has other plans for this female. Or does it?

Immortal Hunger

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