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Book Review: Shadow Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance Anthology
Author: Crystal Dawn, C.D. Gorri, McKayla Schutt, Melissa Thomas, Dominique Eastwick, Beth Caudill
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I have read four stories in this fantastic paranormal box set and those reviews are below.

A Witch's Haunting by Crystal Dawn
I love the stories this world brings us and we get Annie and Ram.
They are house hunting before their baby arrives only they are sidetracked by a spirit that was felt in one of the houses they went to see.
Can Annie save this person?
Short but wonderful story

Reconciled by Beth Caudill
This was a cute story about a fae prince and a witch.
What happens when you go to another realm and meet your inlaws?
Willow is about to find that out and Eiraurs her husband may not be able to save her.
Can she trust her mother in law?

Moon Kissed by C.D. Gorri
I love the stories in this series.
The wardens are carrying a piece of the zodiac, most are content, others are becoming grumpy which the fates know they need a mate.
Grumpy leader Rex doesn't want and hasn't looked but when Fate says yes you don't say no.
He is conned into attending a Halloween Ball for the supernatural world. What he gets is one sexy human wearing the costume his Junior station master Phoebe was supposed to wear and she smells like heaven.
Candra isn't uptight, she takes each day to the fullest so it was a no brainer to say yes to the sexy man inviting her to a halloween party. What she learns and sees should blow her mind but it doesn't.
Can Rex get her to say Yes?
Grab your copy and find out... These two are lovable and their chemistry is fantastic.

Trick or Treated Dragon Mates
Authors: Dominique Eastwick, Melissa Thomas
Two different couples with explosive meetings.
BFF' Rebecca and Allora are off to the All Hallows Eve store for a costume for Rebecca who is going to the Dragon Conservation Center' Halloween party. She ends up talking Allora into going with her and she settles on just a face mask. Not just a mask though...
While at the party something goes wrong with the security on the portals and they are off to fix the issue.
What they both find may be their lives desires...
Cute, Sexy and funny... Loved it

This book is Free...

Shadow Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance Anthology

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