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Today we are celebrating the release of DARK MOON FALLS, a boxed set featuring 15 steamy paranormal stories, by participating in the blog tour. You can purchase it for .99 cents for a limited time.


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A Paranormal Boxed Set - Available Now!

99 cents for a limited time

High in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the sleepy town of Dark Moon Falls has secrets ... Hot wolf shifters pursue their one true mate, witches pursue their own agenda, and humans are caught in the middle. In Dark Moon Falls, danger, intrigue, and romance lurk around every corner. This boxed set includes 15 new steamy stories you’ll want to get your paws on! One-click now to book your getaway to Dark Moon Falls and soak in all the shifter romance!

Purchase Now for 99 cents!

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I drove down the long dark highway, the wind whipping and my Harley vibrating beneath me.
This was freedom.
I’d always been a lone wolfconstantly on the move and taking jobs wherever I could get them. It didnt matter the task, I was a man who could get things done quickly and quietly, without being seen.
A man of my talents, I had no problem finding work, but as the years went on, I found myself yearning for something more.
Something Id never wantedA pack. A mate. A place to put down roots.
After what felt like a lifetime of living out of a bag and roaming like a nomad, I was ready to have a touchstone. Somewhere to return to when the road got too long, and I grew weary of staying at the next motel.
A home.
Thats why I was currently pointed in the direction of Dark Moon Falls.
I’d heard of it numerous times during my travels. A town where shifters roamed freely and lived among humans.
A few of my buddies had settled there, and Id met some members of the pack over the years, including their Alpha, Elias Grant, who was cool as a cucumber, and had the respect of not only his pack, but the entire town.
Although I knew Id never fully get the need to ride out of my blood, Dark Moon Falls seemed like a good place to settle down and begin this new phase of my life.



Author DJ Bryce loves her men tall, dark, and Alpha. She can often be found relaxing with a cup of coffee, a handful of RedVines, and a dirty book, with her three dogs snoozing happily at her feet. She's a lover of The Walking Dead, Romantic Comedies, and writing sexy shifters. For information on her new releases, promotions, and her favorite PNR reads, sign up for her newsletter: http://eepurl.com/clmyu5

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