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#newrelease - The Dragon Princess and the Pea by D.A. Stein @DASteinauthor

The Dragon Princess and The Pea 
by D.A. Stein 

Two brothers. One woman. A war that threatens them all. 

Lyon and Darius both fall for the beautiful and rare golden dragon princess they rescue. Amelia, even with her injuries and memory loss, captivates them both. As the younger brother, Lyon has no chance at winning her and likewise no shot at the throne he most covets, a throne he's willing to kill to rule. He dares hope, but those hopes are even further threatened when the unmated dragons from Europe follow Amelia to North America and wage an all-out war.

Amelia has no memory of her fall--and worse, no memory of who she is. But she's immediately drawn to one of the men who rescued her, the prince Darius. She soon learns that he will rule the dragon throne of North America and that the dragon royals from Europe have followed her to claim her. And when Lyon becomes an enemy, she must help defeat him and his plans before he kills them all to fulfill his and his mother's greedy plans. 

Can the dragon thrones withstand the wars and intrigue, or will they fall to the battles no one saw coming?

DA Stein is a USA Today bestselling author. I like to write about kick-ass heroines and the men that love them. I like to write in different genres, so you will be seeing different kinds of books in the future. I'm a bit of a hermit when I'm at home and I love being with my dogs and cats.

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