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✶🐱✶ *💖RELEASE BLITZ 💖*✶🐱✶. REIMAGINING MR. RIGHT - Cat's Paw Cove by Wynter Daniels @WynterDaniels

by Wynter Daniels

Now available!

What if Mr. Right was really Mr. Wrong?

Former ugly duckling Sydney McCoy yearns to break into television. And the hottest guy she works with—TV sports personality, Chip Haggerty—could be her ticket to the airwaves. Too bad that Chip hardly knows Sydney is alive. Worse, she has no clue how to speak Chip’s sports-oriented language.

Up-and-coming real estate agent Levi Barnett is desperate to convince the owner of a hot downtown property to sell so the company Levi works for can redevelop the site into a multi-million-dollar complex. When he literally crashes into a woman he knew in high school who could champion his cause, he’ll do anything to get Sydney’s help. All she wants from him in return is help communicating with her office crush. No problem! But when Levi starts to fall for the beautiful Sydney, he wonders if he’s making the worst mistake of his life by being her would-be Cyrano de Bergerac.

Bestselling author Wynter Daniels has written more than three dozen romances, including contemporary, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance books for several publishers including Entangled Publishing and Carina Press as well as for Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls Universe.
In 2019, she started CPC Publishing with author Catherine Kean. Look for their brand new Cat’s Paw Cove Romance series. 
She lives in sunny Florida with her family and a rescue cat named Chloe (who thinks she is dog, and tries all day to distract Wynter from writing). Wynter is represented by agent Jill Marsal of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
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