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#bookreview #fivestarread - Kaleidoscope Hearts Vol. 2: Nine More Chances to Fall in Love

Book Review: Kaleidoscope Hearts Vol. 2: Nine More Chances to Fall in Love
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

A fantastic book by many authors. I am leaving a review right now for a few.

Play-Action Pass by Gina Ardito
The first story in this anthology finds us with Cam who deals with an overbearing mother, who treats her like crap. A lost love Jordan is back in town and with him, he finds nothing is what it was/or seems with Cam.
At a funeral, Jordan finally gets some insight into what happened between him and Cam.
Can he fix this? Cute, rekindling a love gone wrong story.

The Magic of Sapphire Creek by Grace Augustine
Bethany is a lover of animals and that is why she is a veterinarian.
She isn't your typical vet though.
Rowdy a blast from her past strides in and??
How is she going to deal with this man who up and left her on their special day?
I enjoyed this magical story.

Second Chances - CJ Baty
What do you do when the one you always wanted got away?
Life doesn't always go your way when you are different. When you are expected to marry and have children with a wonderful woman.
Well Daniel did all that but the one who held his heart, his soul was not the one he got.
He didn't want a woman. He wanted Asa the man who held his heart.
Will he get that second chance? With his son's help, he just might.
Very well written M/M romance on second chances.

Surrender to The Storm - Linda Boulanger
A heartwarming historical romance.
Ivetta was married to a man she knew nothing of.
The Storm is what they called him and she understood why when she looked upon his handsome face.
Could he ever truly love her? Could she return that love?
I truly enjoyed this enchanting story.

I hope to get to more of these wonderful stories in this set very soon.

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