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Book Review: Once Upon Academy
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I am currently leaving a review for the following stories

Bird's Eye View - Kerry Evelyn
I truly enjoyed this story. We have a girl who thought herself a nobody who ends up in the most prestigious school. She is then forced to face her fear of non-other Feathers... Yep, you get humor too in this story but it's not all that it seems.
Reggie had no idea he had a family and how this young man finds out is horrible but thank goodness Nettie is his savior and they help each other conquer their fears.

Song of The Reaper - Stephanie Harrell
This was a first for me by this author and I can honestly say I can't wait for more. This story finds us at the same school but with a new twist.
A family secret will come to light but will they all still be a family after?
When the one thing in her life she doesn't want lands in her future Lyra doesn't know what to do. She wants to rebel of course but something happens that makes her change her mind along with a few of her families. Cole is to train her, he was not given specifics totally but it isn't honest with Lyra either at first. But as they say, love conquers all right? Sweet, and enjoyable story. Very well written.

Sense & Sensitivity - Emma Fontaine
This is a cute story... a version of The Princess and The Pea in sorts with other fairy tale beings. Very well written.

The Kings Son and Little Gem Valerie Willis
Hilarious story... Kalmin and Hesse will give you a grin on your face.
It reminds me kind of like Cinderella meets Prince charming perhaps. But you must add in a bit of magic and mayhem.

Perle of Wisdom - Marie Long
Another cute story featuring Perle a lover of books and fantasy. She is a bit gullible and takes the word of a lady by the name of Giselle. What Perle doesn't know however is her parents have a past with that same woman and it just gets better. Truly enjoyable.

Taming Her Might - Toni Peden
Growing up can be hard and for Celeste, it means deciding if you want to run the Kingdom or go out on your own. She prays she gets accepted into Once Upon Academy and when that day arrives well it's not going to be all that it seems. Her roommate well let's just say she doesn't have the best of families, but in the long run, rumors are just that. Kierra turns out to be her best friend when a Gnome decides to go a bit bonkers. Totally enjoyed this story.

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