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#bookreview #fivestarread - Dirty Twisted Love: The Complete Series Author: Marissa Farrar @MarissaFarrar

Book Review: Dirty Twisted Love: The Complete Series
Author: Marissa Farrar
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer - Tammy Book Nook Nuts

First and foremost this is a reverse harem, dark and action-packed book. If that is not the kind of genre for you then well you may not enjoy this. But if you do like it this author will blow you way...
All three stories follow Kodee, Dillion, Ryan and Rue.

Book 1: Entangled in Them
Fantastic first in series !!!
If you like RH books, and m/m/m you are in for one heck of a panty-melting story with this one. This author has a few other RH books but this one blows them off the bookshelf. By far my favorite thus far.
We get action, and the steam between these four is off the charts.
The only thing I didn't like? The cliffhanger haha.
Grab it and get lost in Kodee, Dillion, Ryan, and Rue.

Book 2: Guarded by Them
Book two in this tantalizing incredibly sexy and dark story picks up where book one left us.
Kodee, Dillion, and Ryan will do whatever it takes to protect Rue but will it be enough?
We go on one heck of an action-packed roller coaster ride and where it ends isn't pretty, I actually almost cried... I don't like cliff hangers but we get one and it's huge.
I am truly enjoying this series and all its darkness soaked with hotness...
I can't wait for the next one.

Book 3: Captivated with Them
This is the final book in this series and it just blew me away!
Talk about an emotional rollercoaster these four take us on.
As book two left us Dillon and Rue were being held by Frank.
Well before Ryan and Kodee agree to help they want proof the two they love most have not been harmed.
Rue still has to appear in court and prays it works out. What if it doesn't?
Can these four finally find their happy ever after? Grab your copy and find out.

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