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Release Blitz - That Rex Gotta Roar by Julia Mills @JuliaMills623


A brand new title from Julia Mills just went live! 

Purchase: That Rex Gotta Roar

Moving home should've been easy - but then again, this is Tallulu Parish Louisiana and we are the Maidens of Mayhem.


One haunted mansion on the other side of the Swamp.


My Flock of feathered loved ones, plus an old, cranky Crane I adore with all my heart, the Almighty Shifter Wanker, another Pterodactyl, an Ostrich, a singing, rhyming batshit-crazy Bat Shifter, and the man of my dreams who just happens to be a T-Rex when he's not six-feet-six of sexiness…

Top if off with my archnemesis - YES! Real people can have an archnemesis. This is the twenty-first century, don'tcha know? 

Add… a trip to the Other Way Round, and you've got a day in the life of me - Clementine Sue Cooper, Photojournalist, and Canary Shifter. 

Don't know what I expected, but one thing's for sure, my hunka-hunka- prehistoric hotness calls me Tweety and I might just kick him in the tail while I scream, "Take that, Barney!"

Time to party like a Flock star with my besties from the nesties!

See y'all on the flipside!

XOXO, Clem

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