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Book Review: Festivities & Felines: A Holiday Anthology @Candace_Colt @WynterDaniels


Book Review: Festivities & Felines: A Holiday Anthology (Cat's Paw Cove #19)
Author: Candace Colt, Abigail Sharpe, Kira Nyte
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer - Tammy Book Nook Nuts

I am leaving a review for
Multiple Blessings by Candace Colt

This story takes us back in time and tries to open the eyes of one doubtful Thomas who needs to find an ending for his grandmother.
So he finds himself in Cats Paw Cove where everything is magical.
Casey is attracted to him from the start and she feels the weight he is carrying. Casey decides to do what she can to help him find his closure, as well as perhaps further her career.
A very old crash, a mischievous cat named Scarlett, and a magical town brings us a ton of blessings.
This story is very well written and I enjoyed it very much.

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